Wellbeing Coaching & Workshops

"Your journey of team empowerment starts here. I encourage you to support your teams to be true to themselves and achieve their full potential"

Andrea Noble - Professional speaker, self-developer, adventurer and founder of Noble Empowerment

Richard Branson once said "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients' I believe that to be successful in business you have to empower your teams to focus on their own personal wellbeing and happiness and I have created, adapted, and delivered a huge number of Noble Empowerment workshops worldwide to achieve just that!

Wellbeing Workshops

Noble Empowerment, 1-day workshops are interactive and focus on four key areas: Integrity, Bravery, Hard Work and Kindness. I rip up the rules of the traditional team-building day and instead take individuals on a personal journey of empowerment that is about being true to themselves.

With proven success and many happier individuals this workshop takes people on a journey of understanding their limiting beliefs, what truly motivates them and how they can self-develop to be confident, authentic, and happy!

Redundancy Coaching

For a business sometimes redundancy is essential, for individuals it can viewed as personal and traumatic. My Noble Empowerment redundancy coaching sessions are supportive and focused workshops that can be personalised for individuals or teams facing redundancy.

I collaborate with individuals to remove the limiting belief that redundancy means 'they are not good enough' to set a personalised foundation of what is essential to survive versus the dreamed desires that can be achieved. I move people out of their comfort zones to understand what their key motivators are, combine these with their highest skill sets and create plans to give them direction for ambitious but achievable career sucess, for their next chapter.


Life Coaching

We write our life scripts before the age of seven, this means that our inner beliefs are unique and are cemented to our core at such an early age. This impacts how we interact with people in our personal or professional lives on a day-to-day basis. These beliefs can be limiting and disempowering resulting in low self-esteem, team conflicts and ill mental health.

These one-on-one sessions collaborate with individuals to identify their own life scripts, empower individuals to understand what they want in life and understand their strengths and use that power to create the changes they seek. I guide them to understanding what they want to achieve, setting their own personal plans for success and then offer that supporting hand to coach them to make the relevant changes in life to achieve impactful results!

Personal Development Plans

I speak to hundreds of people a month who just cannot answer the question 'where you want to be in the next five years?'. The percentage of people who just do not know is high! I flex my answer to this question daily, but I do it confidently because I know what my key strengths and motivators are and how I can use them to achieve a happy career!

I use the same process as I personally use to go into organisations to create clear business objectives for organisations and coach senior leaders to empower and motivate their teams to achieve success that results in high personal development for their teams, higher retention, and great employee satisfaction scores!

Apprenticeships & Graduate Schemes

At this complex stage of life, young students often need help and guidance in their choices as they take their first steps away from school and on their life journey. There is no substitute for experience, and I use mine to help them understand and embrace the challenges they face. I passionately believe that we need to support the younger generation to understand what their current skill sets are, what makes them happy and what their future careers could look like. I team up with businesses and education authorities to work with young people to achieve exactly this.

The days are flexible and range from inspirational talks to inspire young people, workshops to help them understand the amazing opportunities ahead or one on one career coaching to help them decide what their next steps are for the future. Whatever the format I focus on the four key areas of Integrity, Bravery, Hard Work and Kindness, and are adapted according to the age of the audience and school requirements.

Digital Transformation & Business Coaching

Ever wondered how you are going to plan and delivery a strategy with low resources and without a delivery expert? At Noble Empowerment, I believe that with programme delivery, things go wrong at the beginning not the end. Having a robust plan that covers, product design, governance, customer processes that is driven by people - that's what really makes a difference.

I offer robust discovery and process improvement workshops to lead your teams through the journey of designing, planning, and implementing the substantial culture and business change that will allow you to smash through the glass ceilings.