"When you believe in yourself and truly focus on your strengths, you become unstoppable."

Andrea Noble - Professional speaker, self-developer, life coach, adventurer and founder of Noble Empowerment

Welcome to Noble Empowerment, specialists in inspirational speaking, life coaching, impactful thought-provoking workshops, and organisational strategy change. By sharing our voice, knowledge, and experience, we coach and inspire individuals, entrepreneurs, SME's, and charities to be the best they can be, and get optimum results.

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Meeting Andrea when I did was perfect timing. I'd accepted a place to study a part-time masters knowing I'd have to leave my job and freelance (which can be hard!) Andrea helped me ask myself questions I hadn't even thought about, through simple activities. She made me realise that being uncomfortable and feeling challenged doesn't necessarily have to be a bad thing. I now feel like I know what I want out of life, and how to approach the fear of the unknown. I'd recommend Andrea to anyone who's keen not to get stuck in the status quo, doing a job they find OK – or worse, hate.

Molly Raycraft

Andrea was great to work with for the Women's Network event. She took time to understand the objectives of the event and what the audience would want, made sure I was happy with the content and provided a great talk on the night. I had such amazing feedback from attendees who really enjoyed her content. Thanks Andrea!

Leanne Chescoe, Demandbase

Noble Empowerment has been a great help in supporting my new ideas for Pressure Point London. A pleasure to work with, offering easy process improvement suggestions and quick wins for my business. I have really enjoyed working with Andrea over the last month, she is knowledgeable, passionate and driven and I would recommend her to anyone.

Mario De Sousa, Pressure Point London

A business woman who shares freely of herself and encourages growth in others, Andrea spent hours above the call of duty engaging with local entrepreneurs gaining trust and delivering sound operational support to many. As a teammate and inspirational leader, Andrea has my highest recommendation.

Sharon Jarrett

Andrea, I thought of you this morning and wanted to say thank you so much for putting the effort in with me when we met in Costa Rica, so that I had the determination to achieve my dream job and aim high! The time you spent with me changed my life and I’ll never forget that, thank you!


Team spirited, amazingly adaptable and efficient is how I’d describe Andrea, who worked with me in the boldest Caribbean start up, The Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean. Andrea came to the Centre at a time when operations needed the right tools, systems, drive and focus to carry the leadership team, board members and our clients ( Entrepreneurs) through to the next phase of the journey. With great knowledge and ability Andrea had a knack for pulling ideas and translating vision across borders allowing each person to feel stimulated within their roles as well as valued whilst getting the job done.

Sharon Jarrett

Andrea is fearless. She climbs mountains (literally), travels widely, and is endlessly curious about the world and how far she can go in it. She immerses herself in the culture of whatever place she's in, making sure to experience real life there. When it comes to managing projects, she dives in head first, gives it her all, and executes at a high level. She quickly analyzes what needs to be done, creates a plan, stays on top of deadlines, and does what it takes to get the job done. Her energy and can-do approach are real assets to any team.

Lisandra Rickards, CEO