About Us

"True happiness comes from achieving a work-life balance and understanding your inner self"

Andrea Noble - Professional speaker, self-developer, adventurer and founder of Noble Empowerment

You cannot teach unless you have learnt! I use years of life experience and high emotional intelligence to coach, mentor, and support individuals and organisations to lead them to achieve big things that are driven by the heart. It is not selfless, my success of seeing individuals empowered and organisations achieve the happy results, drives me to continue to move forward and achieve my own purpose of adding happiness into the world!

About Us

In 2009, I was wandering around the UK with two objectives in my mind, career progression and wedding plans, when suddenly through external factors it hit me hard that I hadn't lived yet, I didn't know who I was and I was living my life for other people, ultimately, I wasn't showcasing an authentic or truly happy me!

I made the bold decision to call of my planned wedding and take some time to find myself instead. I knew I was pushing a button that could disappoint and hurt the people around me and may be even myself, but I listened to me, and it turns out it was the best decision I have ever made. It led me on a path to trust in myself, become confident, brave, true to myself and work hard to become the happiest and best version I could be!

I started to test and learn in my career, understand what motivated me and what I was good at, I tried one new thing a month to understand who I was and what made me smile and I empowered myself to aim high, run through the blockers, believe in myself, and achieve personal goals. Whilst doing this I started to write a toolkit, one I still use every day and one that founded Noble Empowerment, an organisation that now in turn, coaches and inspires other people and organisations to be their best!

Noble Empowerment works with individuals and organisations to enhance wellbeing and deliver optimum results. I deliver wellbeing workshops, personal coaching, enhanced customer satisfaction and create and deliver digital transformation and business change strategies that set teams and individuals up for success.

I have worked in multiple organisations to create and deliver large and complex change strategies, whilst enhancing and implementing streamlined customer journeys to increase consumer satisfaction. I have also delivered many wellbeing workshops alongside multiple life coaching sessions. All these products can be standalone but what makes Noble Empowerment different is that I combine elements of them all to ensure people, their motivators and their happiness is at the heart of the success.

I also discovered that I am passionate about immersing myself into new cultures, not just for a fad but to really understand the roots, hearts, and beliefs in countries across the world. I have visited seventy plus countries in all seven continents - and I am lucky to be able to always bring Noble Empowerment with me. I have completed successful business strategy and empowerment sessions world over, El Salvador, Afghanistan, Jamaica, and the UK to name a few, supporting small businesses and individuals to thrive.

I enhance my skillset every day and have many qualifications in programme management, agile implementation, life coaching, counselling skills and autism awareness. My most recent accomplishment is launching Noble Empowerment Podcast where I talk about sensitive topics; with real and inspiring people, who talk about their journey, relate to the struggles but also empower others with their positive outcomes.

Noble Empowerment has been more successful than I could have imagined. Whether it is for yourself, empowering your team for happiness and success, increasing your customer satisfaction or delivery your strategy through the heart of the organisation, please get in touch.

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