About Us

"True happiness comes from achieving a work-life balance and understanding your inner self"

Andrea Noble - Professional speaker, self-developer, adventurer and founder of Noble Empowerment

It's just over 10 years since I discovered the above recipe for happiness. I made a decision to try to find myself and realised that working from the heart enables me to be my best. I set up Noble Empowerment to run workshops, inspirational talks and life-coaching sessions to inspire people to be their best.

About Us

I founded Noble Empowerment in 2019, but the journey that led to its creation began 10 years before that, when I decided to call off my planned wedding and take some time to find myself instead.

It was a bold decision and it has proved to be the right one, because it led me to be more confident, adventurous and, ultimately, to continue my personal growth and become the best version of myself.

Among the first goals I set myself was to try one new thing a month. Some of these took me out of my comfort zone and began to convince me that I could at least try anything, and one experience that transformed me was the year I spent in Jamaica, working at the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship.

I went from being in awe of the amazing individuals I worked with there, who had so much passion and drive to start their own businesses, to believing because of them that even I could help others, that my skill set could inspire others to smash their goals.

When I returned to the UK, I wanted to continue to challenge and develop myself, and help others, so I set up Noble Empowerment. So far we've run inspirational speaking events that have led to people to change direction in life, plus multiple coaching sessions that leave me amazed at the progress of those who choose to define their own journey and challenge themselves to be their best.

I'm passionate about travel - I've visited 57 countries in all seven continents - and I'm lucky to be able to bring that to Noble Empowerment. We have completed successful business strategy sessions the world over, most recently in El Salvador, Afghanistan and the UK, supporting small businesses to thrive. This month we have created inspirational gifts with positive affirmations that make perfect presents.

Noble Empowerment has become more successful than I could have imagined, and helping others has even helped my own empowerment to continue. I have a great role as head of programme strategy and delivery role at St John Ambulance. I hope I can help you begin your own journey towards happiness.

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