Workshops & Inspirational Speaking

"Your journey of empowerment starts here. I encourage you to be true to yourself."

Andrea Noble - Professional speaker, self-developer, adventurer and founder of Noble Empowerment

My workshops and inspirational speaking events are interactive, inspiring sessions that guide you step by step through your personal journey. Understand what motivates you at work, what makes you smile at home and how to combine them both and be brave on your next step towards a new, empowered you.

Corporate Days

Our corporate day workshops are interactive and focus on four key areas: Integrity, Bravery, Hard Work and Kindness. That's right, we rip up the rules of the traditional team-building day and instead take staff on a personal journey of empowerment that's about being true to yourself.

Each session aims to create an understanding of your true work values, what makes you happy and how best to combine these to create the perfect work/life balance.

Redundancy Coaching

Our redundancy coaching sessions are focused and supportive workshops that can be personalised for individuals or teams facing redundancy. We create plans to develop personal skills and give people the confidence to make the right moves towards regaining control over their careers.

Widespread job losses in 2020 have shown the need for coaching in this area and Noble Empowerment can help people facing redundancy to plan for a future that makes them smile.

Personal Empowerment

In these sessions, I will guide you step by step through key techniques that will show it is possible to be yourself in the workplace and still succeed. In fact, being yourself is probably the best way to succeed.

I have established a reputation as a strong and independent person with a proven record in a number of senior roles within big brands. Empowerment at work is a passion of mine, and these sessions are aimed as much at men as women looking to smash through the glass ceiling.

Furlough Inspiration

At Noble Empowerment we have a passion for helping others and one of the things we are particularly keen to do is introduce charities and small businesses to highly skilled individuals who are happy to offer pro bono support.

If you are on furlough and are looking to use your skills to help others, please get in touch so we can try to match you with someone who may need your services.

Journey Through Travel

In these talks, I will reveal how travel and experiencing other cultures can enable you to truly understand yourself. Having visited 57 countries in all seven continents and lived and worked overseas, I've made it a mission of mine to develop my mind and soul through travel.

For me, visiting new countries isn't about the sun-lounger experience. Instead I love to get deep into the destination by meeting the people and sharing their culture with them.

School Leavers

These talks also focus on the four key areas of Integrity, Bravery, Hard Work and Kindness, and are adapted according to the age of the audience and school requirements.

At this complex stage of life, young students often need help and guidance in their choices as they take their first steps away from school and on their life journey. There's no substitute for experience and I use mine to help them understand and embrace the challenges they face.